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HKDRC – ASICS 37th Mount Butler (Heritage) Race - A Better Race for You and Me 2013


The HKDRC – ASICS 37th Mount Butler (Heritage) Race (24 March 2013) received overwhelming responses from participants.


As on 13 March 2013, up to 1380 participants have registered for taking part in this race. Our initial quota reaches 110% full. We shall STOP ONLINE REGISTRATION on 15 March 2013, 5:00pm.


There will be some quotas available for particular divisions, runners who failed to submit applications on or before 15 March 2013, please send us an email for special approval, DO NOT TRANSFER THE FEE DIRECTLY, ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.


According to the latest registration record, more and more elite runners signed up for participation. They are Darren Benson (overall winner of this race in 2010, 2011 & 2012), Rosamund Baker, Bob Whitehead, Lo Tak Fai and others. Several senior runners include John Lane, Sin Sin Chau, Leung Kam Wah (aged 80) and Rebecca Lau will also participate in the competition. As for the team registrations, a total 36 is recorded as follows:


- Buddy Power (2)

- Kong Fok Church (1) + (1-new)

- 世界怒跑會 (3)

- The Universe Running Club (2)

- Rocket (1)

- Team 5 (1)

- H. E. A. (1)

- F378 (1)

- DDT Association (1)

- The Lost Face Team (1)

- SSP 街坊小隊 (1)

- Trooper (1) 

- Nobody is Believing (1)

- High D. Super (1)

- 有為之友 (2)

- 港島老實人 (1)

- We Are Runners (1)

- Tung Lo Wan Fire Station (2)

- ASICS Ladies (1)

- Gammon Construction Ltd (1)

- Lok Wah Runners Club (1)

- 炮台山循道衛理中學 (1)

- Pillar Point (1)

- 紅河西大隊 (1)

- Jabube (1)

- 火車頭 (1–new)



(1) Applicants who submitted entries by post or email, please access to our online web-site à “REVIEW APPLICATION FOMR” to check your assigned race number and print out the confirmation letter to pick up the number bibs on the race day.

(2) All registered runners will receive by post a runner’s guide and an ASICS products promotion coupon with 30% off original price by end of February and/or early March. Runners may also receive on the race day if you provided invalid address or overseas address. Please kindly note that this is NOT the confirmation letter.

(3) Applicants who submitted entries thru online registration on or before 15 March 2013, are advised to mail back the payment receipts to us no later by 20 March 2013. Or we will assume you give up your participation and HKDRC has the right to re-assign your race number to others without any pre-notifications.

(4) For the sake of environmental friendly, NO FURTHER CONFIRMATION LETTER will be mailed to each participant. Whereas, a standard instruction has been posted on our web for your attention.


Since the open area of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Sandiland Centre is limited, we shall arrange 4 separate locations outside the Centre for distribution of race numbers. You are advised to observe appropriate signage and set up at the venue for collection of your race numbers on the race day.


The HKDRC – ASICS 37th Mount Butler (Heritage) Race 2013 is an important annual event to running athletes in Hong Kong. The Mount Butler Race stands for its history (1976 – 2013), it owns a unique course mixed with hills, trails, roads and steps and the distance is long enough and challenging which no other races can compare. The Mount Butler Race provides 70% uphill and downhill course distance for you to test your capability and to achieve a sense of satisfaction. Completing the Mount Butler Race will make you feel gratitude.

2013年HKDRC – ASICS 第37屆畢拿山古蹟越野賽對本地運動員是重要的賽事。畢拿山古蹟越野賽經歷36年,是目前香港最有歷史價值和受歡迎的長跑賽。畢拿山越野賽賽道獨特,70% 路段是上,落斜路,山徑,石級,泥路,極富挑戰性。是沒有別的賽事賽道可以比較。畢拿山賽道全長15公里,是磨練跑步的操藝理想場地,完成賽程足以考驗你/妳的體能和令你/妳有滿足感。


The closing date of online registration is set on 15 March 2013, 5:00pm

截止網上報名日期/時間 2013315日,下午


HKDRC Race Committee

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