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NEWS RELEASE By: Anna Beech, Civic Exchange

HKDRC 36th Green Half Marathon and 10K will be held on Sunday, 3 November 2013

~Promoting Green Running in Hong Kong~

This year, we have five major sponsors being Gammon Construction Ltd., Polar Electro HK Ltd., Nature’s Village, the Vegetable Marketing Organization and Rider Levett Bucknall.

The event poster and entry form will be uploaded on to our site by early August.

The HKDRC 36th Green Half Marathon and 10K 2013 is an environmentally friendly race, the course is traffic free to reduce pollution associated with runnin events.


In addition, we are introducing online registration to reduce paper waste, incentives to re-use your race bibs from last year in order to reduce waste and the chance to enter a low carbon quiz to win sustainable prizes. We are also providing free shuttle buses for competitors to travel to the race venue from various stations in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon side.  This reduces the need to use private cars.

The entry applications can be made either :-

1. From early August, you can register online through

2. Or you can register by E-mail :

3. Or if you need to, by post : HKDRC G.P.O Box 10368, Hong Kong

Our work for the event will be made as green as we can by issuing sustainable souvenirs and prizes, cutting down unnecessary waste, providing free bus shuttles for competitors to the race venue from various stations in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon side.

Chrono Track B-tags timing system will be employed for recording race results.

An official Finisher Certificate (Certified Hong Kong Green Runner) will be given to all race finishers and a list of finishers’ names will posted on our web site

Please keep an eye on our official website.


香港長跑會第36屆綠色半馬拉松及10公里 –賽事最新消息


現已取得 5 間商業機構分別是金門建築,博能香港有限公司,健樂坊,蔬菜統營處及利比。我們仍等待其餘贊助商的鼎力支持。





一.       網上報名 - ( 於2013年8月初啟動 ) – 強烈建議,支持環保

二.       電郵報名 -

三.       郵寄報名 – 香港長跑會 郵政信箱 10368 號


本賽事將採用ChronoTrack B-tags 計時系統計算完賽者成績。

完賽者將獲發賽會認可成績證書 ( 香港綠色賽員 ) -  印有名次及時間的精美證書。 全部完賽者名字亦將會上載本會網頁之” Green Work for Green Race 2013 “。



HKDRC Race Committee

香港長跑會 – 賽事委員會

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