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Why You Should Run?

There are 10 Best Reasons:-

  1. Running is the most efficient path to cardiovascular fitness.
    30mins a day, four days a week will yield an excellent level of fitness in the shortest possible period of time
  1. Running is the most accessible of aerobic sports.
    No matter where you live or travel, an excellent area for running is almost always close by. You don’t need a health club or worry bringing along bulky equipment.
  1. Running is inexpensive and simple to learn.
    You need good shoes, decent clothing and not much else to participate. Everyone knows how to run, and information on training is widely available.
  1. Running is the best method of stress reduction on the market.
    Thirty minutes of running will work wonders in dissolving stress accumulated on the job.
  1. Running is an excellent component of any weight-control program.
    Few activities burn calories more quickly.
  1. Running is a flexible method of training.
    You can run at your own pace, with or without company, at whatever time of day suits you.
  1. Running makes you feel good.
    Your fitness, self-esteem and confidence all will increase with a regular running program.
  1. Running offers opportunities for recreational runners to meet with different class of athletes.
  1. Running is for families and individuals of all ages.
  1. Running will help you find good company.





  1. 節省開支 ( 例如電費,燃料費和水費 )
  2. 找出有效的方法來減少溫室氣體排放量
  3. 為持續碳管理建立量化的排放基線
  4. 建立綠色低碳的形像

Carbon FootPrint

Electricity – 68% : 90% from Buildings
Transport – 17% : from Traffic
Waste & Others – 5% : from Debris


家居節約能源的方法 ( 一些簡單節能方法 )

  1. 選用附有1 級或 2 級能源標籤的產品型號
  2. 各類電器,在使用完畢後,應立刻關掉,並避免長期停留在備用狀態。
  3. 調校夏天室溫至攝氏25.5度。
  4. 儘量選用慳電膽代替鎢絲燈泡。
  5. 珍惜食水,少用熱水。


  • 空調 :22%
  • 熱水 :23%
  • 照明及冷凍 :24%
  • 煮食 :19%
  • 其他 :12%
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