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What’s new on 1. 9. 2014 – We Can Work It Out 我們造得到

Green Half Marathon 2014 - An Early Start of Run ( 7:00am to 9:30am )

Due to continue increase of the traffic and the concern of usage of the Bride’s Pool Road by the public including the villages around Tai Po, Tai Mei Tuk areas, the Transport Department has put into effect from 2014 that approval for applications of temporary road closure ( ie from the beginning of Bride’s Pool Road at Ting Kok Road to Luk Keng covering Wu Kau Tang ) for holding sports events could only be given between the period of 6:30am to 9:30am. Under this circumstance, we have to arrange an early start and early finish of our road race event ( ie 7:00am to 9:30am ) in order to meet with Transport Department requirement for re-open the closed road for public traffic.


WE CAN WORK IT OUT 我們造得到  by :-

1.We will arrange early transportation of participants to the venue at the shuttle bus stations

- Hong Kong side ( City Hall & Tin Hau )                                             – 6:10am

- Kowloon side ( YMCA Hankow Rd. & Kowloon Tong MTR Exit ) – 6:20am 

( N. B. The travelling time of the buses is around 25 – 30mins )  

2.We supply pin-less race numbers to participants to save the wearing time

3.We provide luggage cards with race numbers to participants to save handling time

4.We request the bus drivers to transport participants as early as they can 

5.We encourage participants dress up running kits and race number to save time

The HKDRC 37th Green Half Marathon and Heifer Race To Feed 10K Run - 2 November 2014 are opened for ONLINE APPLICATIONS. The entry quota for Half Marathon is 1200 and the entry quota for Heifer Race To Feed 10K Run is 500.

As of 1 September, over 700 participants’ applications for the Green Half Marathon and the Heifer Race To Feed 10K & Family Run 3K are registered. We are RIGHT HERE WAITING for more of your entry applications in the coming months.


The entry applications can be made either :-

1.   For Green Half Marathon

-     online registration through ( Effective Now )

2.   For Heifer Race To Feed 10K Run ( Charity )

-     online registration through /  ( Effective Now )

3.   By post : HKDRC G.P.O.Box 10368, Hong Kong

The entry fee for each application of the Green Half Marathon or Heifer Race To Feed 10K Run is $240.- before 24 October and $290.- thereafter. You are advised to submit your entry applications as earlier as possible. The time limit for your completion is 2hrs 30mins.

A complete set of 9 items of special designed sustainable souvenirs include T-shirt, towel, foldable water bottle, head towel, finisher medal, memo pen, environmental fan, organic vegetable, Perskindol Gel, Gatapex Tape and gift bag will be given to each participant.

We employ ChampionChip ( MyLaps Bib Tag ) timing system for recording of race results. Certificate for Hong Kong Green Runner 2014 with your finished position and time duly endorsed by us and the sponsors can be issued upon request.

To comply with the Transport Department’s advise on relief of the road traffic and the over car parking on the race day, we recommend participants not to drive instead take our FREE shuttle bus services.

Two FREE seminars on ‘Way to Run Without Pain’ will be conducted by AFTC in September and October. Selected participants shall be notified by email. 

Participants who submitted application by online registration are advised to download a RUNNER’S GUIIDE log-in with your ID/passport number at

Confirmation card (either e-printed or hard-copy) is necessary to bring it in person to collect your runner’s pack at the RACINGTHEPLANET極地長征 shop at address “ RacingThePlanet Ltd., 22/F., 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong “ in between 12 – 31 October 2014.

The Entry Form can be download from web : or


201491 – 最新消息 We Can Work It Out 我們造得到

2014年綠色半馬拉松 – 提早開步時間 ( 7 時至9 時30分 )

鑒 於近年大埔大尾篤的道路交通繁忙與及區內村民對使用道路的需求,運輸署於2014年開始規定所有申請使用並要求臨時封路 ( 即汀角路接新娘潭路開端至鹿頸包括烏跤騰 ) 舉辦運動競賽項目只批准時段由早上6 時30分至9 時30分。為應對運輸署批准封路及重開道路之新規定時間,本賽事賽程時間編定為7 時至9 時30分。


We Can Work It Out 我們造得到 by 

為提供有2.5小時給參賽者完成賽程,本賽事賽程時間編定由7 時至9 時30分:

  1. 調整巴士提早開出時間:
    - 港島 ( 大會堂及天后 ) 開車時間   - 6 時10分
    - 九龍 ( 尖沙咀青年會及九龍塘港鐵站 )   - 6 時 20分
    ( 註:預計行車時間是25至30分鐘 )
  2. 供應無需使用釦針的號碼布節省穿著時間
  3. 供應編寫好號碼的行李卡節省處理時間
  4. 安排巴士提早運送參賽者往賽場
  5. 鼓勵參賽者預早穿上跑步比賽衣服

香港長跑會第37屆綠色( 大尾篤 )半馬拉松及小母牛競步善行10公里跑現已接受網上報名。半馬拉松及小母牛競步善行10公里跑之參賽名額分別1200及500。

香 港長跑會第37屆綠色半馬拉松及小母牛競步善行10公里跑是有名的環保賽,賽道是綠色” 零碳排放 ” 已取得香港各政府部門支持及協助,於賽事進行期間由新娘潭路起至烏蛟騰,鹿頸全線封閉禁止所有車輛行使,而路線只限開放給參賽者使用。參賽者可以藉此機會 盡量發揮爭取個人最佳的成績。

截至9月1日,已登記總數超過700名參加半馬及小母牛競步善行10公里,5公里及家庭 3公里參賽者,預計將會有大量參賽者於月內報名參賽。



  1. 半馬拉松 - 網上報名 – ( 即日起生效 )
  2. 10公里跑 - 網上報名 – /  ( 即日起生效 )
  3. 郵寄報名 – 香港長跑會 郵政信箱10368 號


本 會籌辦是次賽事工作將全面邁向綠色及低碳方式,當中派發給每位完賽者 9款可持續及重用紀念品包括T恤,頭巾/毛巾,環保扇,可摺疊水壺,多功能原子筆,獎牌,普施健肌肉止痛凝膠,Gatapex 肌肉膠貼布,有機蔬菜及禮物袋。本會推動節約減去一些不必要用品,推動回收運動衣物,同時亦提供免費巴士服務接載參賽者往返賽場及巴士站,及其他。

本賽事聘用冠軍晶片( 中國香港 ) 有限公司採用Mylaps Bib Tag 計時服務 – 紀錄優勝運動員成績及全場參賽者成績。

應參賽者要求,本會將發給每位完賽者成績證書,認可為 “ 香港綠色運動員 “。


參賽者經網上,電郵或郵寄報名後均需要於www.hkdrc-race.com登入並下載"確認卡"及 ”參賽者須知 ”。參賽者需於指定日期內 ( 2014年10月12-31日 ,攜帶”確認卡”前往RACINGTHEPLANET極地長征 – 店舖地址 “ RacingThePlanet Ltd., 香港上環,永樂街 148號,22樓。領取參賽者物品包。

報名表可於下列網頁下載  或


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