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What’s new on 27. 10. 2014 – Meeting Target 達標

HKDRC 37th Green Half Marathon and Heifer Race To Feed 10k Run – 2 Nov. 14

Thank you for the 1800 participants joining our event. We met our target by your support.

As of 17 October 2014, over 1800 participants, of which 950-half marathon runners, 380-10k runners, 200-5k runners and 330-3k runners are registered. The entry quotas for half marathon and 10k are up to 95% and 95% full. Limit quotas of all categories are available.

A total 18 teams of 4 runners are registered for team competition, they come from :-

- Go Done Slow Team
- Go Done 霸王隊
- Health Club
- Sat Runner
- 源途友里 (2)
- Runner Union (2)
- 開心快樂跑 (2)
- Seasons Power
- Seasons Passion
- Run for Run
- Gammon Construction Ltd., (2)
- Fire Services Department
- 樂華長跑會
- 菠蘿軍團

Elite Runners, Local Runners, Foreign Nation Runners, Tourist Runners, Corporate Companies Runners and Family Group Runners will Come Together一齊來 enjoying our event - HKDRC 37th Green Half Marathon and Heifer Race to Feed 10k Run

Let It Be, Make It Be : Your Favorite Race ( 讓它成為,令它成為 :你/妳喜愛的賽事 )

The online registration has been stopped on Friday, 24 October 2014. If you still want to join the event you may download entry from, from or complete and email to us no later by Thursday, 30 October 2014. Or complete entry form, bring it with you and come on the race day for late entry registration

A complete set of 9 items of special designed sustainable souvenirs include T-shirt, towel, foldable water bottle, head towel, finisher medal, memo pen, environmental fan, organic vegetable, Perskindol Gel, Gatapex Tape and gift bag will be given to each participant.



1. Green Half Marathon 2014 - An Early Start of Run ( 7:00am to 9:30am )

Due to continue increase of the traffic and the concern of usage of the Bride’s Pool Road by the public including the villages around Tai Po, Tai Mei Tuk areas, the Transport Department has put into effect from 2014 that approval for applications of temporary road closure ( ie from the beginning of Bride’s Pool Road at Ting Kok Road to Luk Keng covering Wu Kau Tang ) for holding sports events could only be given between the period of 6:30am to 9:30am. Under this circumstance, we have to arrange an early start and early finish of our road race event ( ie 7:00am to 9:30am ) in order to meet with Transport Department requirement for re-open the closed road for public traffic.

2. WE CAN WORK IT OUT – YOU CAN WORK IT OUT 我們造得到 你/妳們造得到:-

i) We arrange early transportation of participants to the venue at the shuttle bus stations

- Hong Kong side ( City Hall & Tin Hau ) – 6:10am

- Kowloon side ( YMCA Hankow Rd. & Kowloon Tong MTR Exit ) – 6:20am 

( N. B. The travelling time of the buses is around 25 – 30mins )  

ii)  We supply pin-less race numbers to participants to save the wearing time

iii) We provide luggage cards with race numbers to participants to save handling time

iv) We request the bus drivers to transport participants as early as they can 

v)  We encourage participants dress up running kits and race number to save time

( N.B. All buses shall park at the station 15mins earlier, if you are failed to catch our buses on time, you are advised to come by MTR to Tai Po Station, then take taxi at a cost about $80.-. if you come with 5 runners together, each cost $15.- ) 


To comply with the Transport Department’s advise on relief of the road traffic and the over parking conditions on the race day, we recommend participants not to drive instead take our FREE shuttle bus services.

Heifer Race to Feed 10k Run – The Start of Run ( 7:40am – 9:30am ). All entry fees and donations from 10k after deducted the administration cost will be donated to Heifer Hong Kong for charity purpose.

Participants who submitted applications by online registration are advised to download a RUNNER’S GUIIDE log-in with your ID/Passport number at . Confirmation card ( either e-printed or hard copy ) is necessary to bring it in person to collect your runner’s pack at the RACINGTHEPLANET極地長征 shop at address “ RacingThePlanet Ltd., 22/F., 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong “ in between 12 – 31 October 2014.

4. HKDRC 39th Mount Butler ( Heritage ) Race 2015 – The Greatest Race of All

We are organizing this popular event which will be held on Sunday, 22 March 2015, the Mount Butler ( Heritage ) Race is one of the most popular race that you shouldn’t miss. More details about this event will be announced in December.    


HKDRC Race Committee

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