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What’s New on 29 December 2015 – Latest News   

HKDRC x REARM 40th Mount Butler (Heritage) 15K Race 2016 – Still The Race I Love 仍是我喜愛的賽事  

1. Status of the Event

The HKDRC x REARM 40th Mount Butler (Heritage) 15K Race is the oldest running race in Hong Kong. In 2016, the event will be held up to its 40th Anniversary. Over the past and the present, the event received lots of sponsors support including Adidas, New Balance, Fila, Asics, Sketchers, Reebok, PowerBar, Watsons Water, Gatorade, Weider in Jelly, Nature’s Village, Polar, Olma Watches, Racingtheplanet, REARM, T-5 Lab, TomTom and many others.

2. Change of Event Date

Our initial scheduled event date as 20 March 2016 which was found to clash with two other events, thus we changed the date to 3 April 2016 (Sunday)

3. New Title Sponsor in 2016

We are honored to have REARM, the best design and quality production of running apparel company’s support to be the title sponsor for the event. Six other co-sponsors including AFTC Racingtheplanet, Nature’s Village, T5 Lab, Perskindol and Logo Printing continue offering support for our event.

4. New Name for the Event

The new name of the event is HKDRC x REARM 40th Mount Butler (Heritage) 15k Race 2016.

5. Online Registration and Postal Registration 

The Online Registration and Postal Registration will be commenced on 4 January 2016

6. Green Work for Green Race  

6.1  All registered participants are entitled to 7 items sustainable souvenirs ( T-shirt, Towel, Socks, Finisher Medal, Environmental Cutlery Set, Lucky Plant and Perskindol Gel)

6.2 Participants are encouraged to answer a list of Low Carbon questionnaires (15nos). A special prize will be given to those who have 9 or more correct answers.       

6.3 Certificates with name and results endorsed by the Organizer and Sponsors for Green Runner 2016 will be issued upon request

7. FREE Seminars by AFTC

Two FREE seminars on ‘Runnning outstanding from prevention’ will be conducted by AFTC in February and March. Selected participants shall be notified by email and telephone reminder. 

AFTC亞洲運動及體適能治療中心於2月及3月份免費提供2課堂給已經登記參賽的參賽者,課程名稱” 要跑得出色  由預防起步“,名額有限,先到先得。

8. Last But Not Least (Your Challenge)

The HKDRC x REARM 40th Mount Butler (Heritage) 15K Race 2016 is an important annual event to running athletes in Hong Kong. The Mount Butler Race stands for its history ( 1976 – 2016 ), it owns a unique course mixed with hills, trails, roads and steps and the distance is long enough and challenging which no other races can compare. The Mount Butler Race provides 70% uphill and downhill course distance is long enough for you to test your capability and to achieve a sense of satisfaction. Completing the Mount Butler Race will make you feel gratitude.

2016年香港長跑會 x REARM第40屆畢拿山(古蹟)15公里越野賽對本地運動員是重要的賽事。畢拿山古蹟越野賽經歷39年,是目前香港最有歷史價值和受歡迎的長跑賽。畢拿山越野賽賽道獨特,70% 路段是上,落斜路,山徑,石級,泥路,極富挑戰性。是沒有別的賽事賽道可以比較。畢拿山賽道全長15公里,是磨練跑步的操藝理想場地,完成賽程足以考驗你/妳的體能和令你/妳有滿足感。


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