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What’s new on 5 11. 2018 – Cancellation of Event 


HKDRC – XTRA8 40th Green Half Marathon 2018 – 18 November 2018

Due to late objections raised by Villagers from District North in October which we are not able to resolve, our application for temporary closure of Bride’s Pool Road as race course was not accepted.

HKDRC regrets to announce that the scheduled HKDRC – XTRA8 40th Green Half Marathon 2018 on 18 November 2018 has to be cancelled with immediate effect. The online registration link has been stop-operated.

Although we are suffering from a great loss from cancellation of the event, we would keep refunding FULL amount to all register-paid participants. The payment arrangement are set out as below :-


1. Option 1 ( direct collect back the entry fee )

Those who wish direct collect back your entry fee are advised to come and meet our key helpers at Pacific Coffee at Tai Koo Shing on 26 Nov ( Monday ), 28 Nov ( Wednesday ) & 30 Nov ( Friday ) between 7:00pm – 9:00pm. You are required to present your race number bib and your personal ID for collection of payment


2. Option 2 ( direct deposit the entry fee to your bank account )

Those who wish us to deposit your entry fee to your personal bank account are advised to submit a self-addressed envelope ( SAE ) with a note stating your name, race number, and contact telephone, the bank and the account number. We will mail back the payment receipt to you


3. Option 3 ( mail back the entry fee by cheque )

Those who wish us to mail back the entry fee by cheque are advised to submit a SAE wth a note stating the race number and the payee name. We will mail back the payment cheque to you


4. Option 4 ( donate the entry fee to HKDRC )

Those who are not available and concerned of the pay back are advised to donate the entry fee to HKDRC as a support, we would say thank you so much for your generous support and we would put you on the priority list of participation in our upcoming race Mount Butler in April 2019


We sincerely thank to our sponsors’ and runners’ understanding and special thank to our key helpers for the refunding arrangement.

We apologize for inconvenience caused and unable to continue organizing this long-history, popular and exhilarating event in 2018 and we do hope we can resume organizing the event in 2019.


( Remark : HKDRC mailing address is HKDRC G. P. O. Box 10368, Hong Kong )

                    HKDRC email contact : )


HKDRC Race Committee


2018年115 最新消息 賽事取消    


香港長跑會 – XTRA8 40屆綠色半馬拉松 - 20181118



本會非常抱歉並宣佈 香港長跑會 – XTRA8 40屆綠色半馬拉松 正式取消及即時生效。

目前經由Fringbacker’s 網上平台 接受報名已停止運作。




1.辦法1 – (  直接取回報名費 )


日期            :    2018年11月26,28,30日 ( 星期一,三,五 ) 只限這3天

時間            :    晚上7 時至9 時

場地            :    香港側漁涌太古城商場,Pacific Coffee

注意            :    - 必須親身領取

                     - 出示號碼布

                     - 出示已登記之身份證/謢照

                     - 建議帶付款證明,以免與所的收款項不符,可即時追討,否則離開之後不接納任何追討


2.辦法2 – (  直接匯款至個人戶口 )



3.辦法3 - ( 接受寄回支票 )



4.辦法4 – ( 捐贈報名費給香港長跑會 )



      名單內( 必須以同一資料報名 )。


本會再次感謝贊助商及已報名的參賽者們的諒解,對於因申請臨時封路不被接納而未能延續舉辦這個已有39 年歷史而至今仍非常受歡迎的賽事實在十分可惜。




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