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Sponsorship 賽 事 合 作 計 劃

The HKDRC is an energetic contributor to the Hong Kong running scene. Since our establishment, more than 95,000 runners have participated in our organized races, including marathon, half marathon and cross country race.

HKDRC offers various sponsorship packages to accommodate the different needs of our prestigious sponsors. Thank you to our sponsors (whose names are in alphabetical order below), your continuous support is very important to us and will contribute to the success of the events in the future.

Name of Our Prestigous Sponsors (in alphabetical order)
3rd MOVE
Adidas Hong Kong Ltd.
Amour Beauty
Aqua Distilled Water
Asia Fitness Therapy Center
BMI (HK) Ltd.
Cadbury Four Sea Co. Ltd.
CitiFood Company HK Ltd.
Cerebos Hong Kong Ltd. (Dexto 得力素)
Civic Exchange
Currex Sole
Charming Trims Co., Ltd.
Carlsberg Hong Kong Ltd.
Edward Keller Ltd.
Eugina Limited
Fila Watches & Associates Ltd.
Fila Sport Marketing (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Gammon Construction Limited
Hager Electric Ltd.
Larkon Ltd.
Logo Printing Company
Matilda Hospital
Merck Sharp & Dohme (Asia) Ltd
MTR Corporation
New Balance Athletic Shoes (HK) Ltd.
NIKE Hong Kong Ltd
Nature’s Village
Omtis Ltd.
PepsiCo Beverages International
Polar Electro HL Ltd.
Power Sports Ltd.
Pizza Hut
Quaker Oats Asia, Inc.
RacingThePlanet Ltd.
Reebok Hong Kong Ltd.
Regal KaiTak Hotel
Rider Levett Bucknall
Silk Road Travel Agency Ltd.
Sketchers (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Spa at the Square, The
Sun International Trading Co., Ltd.
Swire Cola Cola Hong Kong Ltd.
Swire Resources Ltd.
Swiss Prestige Ltd.
Super – X
Silroc International Ltd.
SEAM Sports Ltd.
T5 Lab
Taikoo Sportwear
Vegetable Marketing Organisation
Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd
Watsons Water
Weider in Jelly
Wellknit Trading Ltd.
Yoga Yoga
Zuellig Pharma Ltd.


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