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Please provide at least 9 items, the correct answers on the low carbon lifestyle questions. You will get a LUCKY PLANT  請填寫不少於9 項與低碳生活有關的問題。答案正確可得幸運草。

How much do you know about the Low Carbon living? Please take this challenge to find out

  1. Which of these is the greenest option when shopping for fruit ? 當購買生果的時候,那一造法是最具綠色概念
    a) Buying fruit in season 購買當灶的生果
    b) Buying fruit wrapped in plastic 購買用保鮮紙包裹生果
    c) Buying fruit imported from Africa 購買由非洲進口的生果
  2. Recycling one tonne of paper can save more than :
    a) 10,000 litres of water  一萬公升水
    b) 20,000 litres of water 二萬公升水
    c) 30,000 litres of water 三萬公升水
  3. Which of the following uses the most electricity in the average home ?
    a) Lights 燈具
    b) Air conditioner 冷氣機
    c) Televisions and computers 電視及電腦
  4. What percentage of typical household water use is flushed through the toilet ?
    a) 10% 百分之十
    b) 20% 百分之二十
    c) 30% 百分之三十
  5. Which material can NOT yet recycle in Hong Kong ?
    a) Paper 紙張
    b) Plastic 塑膠
    c) Glass 玻璃
  6. When you are shopping, what should you remember to take with you in order to reduce waste 當你/妳往購物時候,你/妳應該攜帶甚麼可以減少廢棄物 ?
    a) Reusable bag 可重用的購物袋
    b) Shopping list 購物清單
    c) Neither 兩者同時
  7. Which lifestyle change has an environmental benefit ?
    a) Eating meat once a week 每週進食肉類一次
    b) Eating avocado instead of lettuce 我雪梨代替生菜
    c) Eating cheese instead of yoghurt 進食千酪代替酸奶
  8. How much area of Hong Kong is covered in forest ?  香港有/被樹林幅蓋的面積比例?  
    a) 40% 百分之四十
    b) 55% 百分之五十五
    c) 60% 百分之六十
  9. What’s the greenest way to get to a running event ? 甚麼運輸方式是最富綠色概念
    a) Walking 步行
    b) Getting the bus 乘坐巴士
    c) Driving a car 駕駛
  10. When buying toilet paper, which should you choose ?
    a) Sourced from 100% virgin forest 百分之百自原始森林
    b) Recycled 循環再用
    c) The one with a pretty pattern on it 有美麗圖案
  11. When parking your vehicle, how can you help combat ground air pollution ?
    a) Turn the engine off  關閉引擎
    b) Leaving the engine running 樣引擎運行
    c) Parking near a tree 停泊靠近樹蔭
  12. What should runners avoid ? 運動員應該避免甚麼事情?
    a) Bottled water 飲用樽裝水
    b) Homemade energy bars 食用自制健康食品
    c) Solar powered watches 使用太陽能手錶
  13. Can trainers be recycled? 供練習的運動鞋可否循環再造?
    a) Yes 可以
    b) No 不可以
  14. Is there an organic vegetable delivery services for Hong Kong residents?
    a) Yes 可以
    b) No 不可以
  15. A toaster uses the half the energy of an oven. Is this statement true or false?
    一份烤麵包用去焗 爐能量百分之五十
    a) True 正確
    b) False 不正確


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