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Green Work for Green Race

Protecting the environment should be a vital concern in all aspects of our daily life. As runners, who can potentially use a lot of resources, e.g. for our trainers, t-shirts, food and drinks, we can do something to help the environment whilst still enjoying running. This is why a number of sporting events, from the New York Marathon to the Football World Cup, have made protecting the environment a top priority. In 2010, the HKDRC started on its own green path, working to make the Mount Butler Heritage Race as sustainable as possible – creating the Low Carbon Mount Butler 10k Race and Green Half Marathon.

Due to this greener vision taking hold, participation rates in the Mount Butler Race and the Green Half Marathon and 10k between 2010 and 2015, have increased by 30%. This is an encouraging outcome for the organisers, who are working hard to make the race as green as possible. Not everything is perfect just yet but we hope each year will build upon the last and produce greener and greener races.

Our Green Work for Green Race Include

On commit making our races Greener and Lower Carbon continuously, we need runners support and work together with us.

  1. Using email as much as we can, to communicate with members/helpers/sponsors and others;
  2. Ordering specially made material runner’s bibs that can be re-used;
  3. Viewing and printing Runner’s Guides and Bus Tickets thru online registration;
  4. Ordering reusable baggage tags;
  5. Using cups instead of bottled water to reduce waste;
  6. Encouraging participants to make a donation for research into green race initiatives;
  7. Supplying sustainable and reusable souvenirs in each race;
  8. Establishing relation with sponsors/suppliers on promotion of Green products for sports;
  9. Advising runners on saving resources such as electricity, water, food and fuel;
  10. Offering organic fruit and vegetables to runners at the end of the race.

We have adapted online registration since 2013, it proves that our work saved us and the participants time and money.

We wish to set an example to other race organisers in Hong Kong, as well as events organisers generally, so that more sporting and cultural events make steps to become Greener. Not only is it more cost effective, it increases the popularity of the event – making it more sustainable long-term.

Green Sponsors - Thank you!

Gammon Construction Limited
Rider Levett Bucknall
Civic Exchange
Rotary International 3450 District
Rotary Club of Kai Tak
Vegetable Marketing Organization
Polar Electro ( Hong Kong ) Ltd.
Nature’s Village
Swire Resources Limited c/o GigaSports
Fila Marketing ( HK) Ltd
Blink Events & PR Consultants Ltd c/o Gatorade Sport Drink
Dynasty Vitality ( HK ) Ltd.
3rd Move
Logo Printing Company
Asia Fitness Therapy Center ( AFTC )
Silroc International Ltd.,
Heifer Hong Kong Ltd.,
T5 Lab
AT Sports Ltd. (Currex Sole)
Salonsip (DKSH)
SEAM Sports Ltd.,
Zitison Ltd.
Amour Beauty
ANGEL water filtration


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