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What’s New on 4. 12. 2018 – Payment Refund Work Will End on 7 Dec 2018

The payment refund work of HKDRC – XTRA8 40th Green Half Marathon 2018 will end on 7 December 2018. Over 80% registered participants had already been paid. Those who submit request for payment refund after 7 Dec 2018 WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED.

We suffered from a great financial loss due to the cancellation of the event. We will review and find out the root of cause of cancellation of event due to the late objection to us for holding the event tho’ the local consultation was done in August, approval letter for the road closure issued in September and the traffic notice posted on the web site in October.

We shall take consideration in the coming months, as to whether we will still applying for our Green Half Marathon be held at Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po in 2019, or we will apply a new location for holding our event.

We sincerely thank to our sponsors’ and runners’ understanding and special thank to our key helpers for participation of the payment refund work.


HKDRC 43rd Mount Butler ( Heritage ) Race - Confirmed to be held on 28 April 2019

We are organizing the HKDRC 43rd Mount Butler ( Heritage ) Race 2019 which will be held on 28 April 2019 ( Sunday ). This event is the oldest running race in Hong Kong since it’s held in 1976 till present.   

The Mount Butler Race is a unique cross-country race mixed with hills, roads, steps and trails. The distance ( 15km ) is long enough and challenging which no other races can compare. The Mount Butler Race provides a course/route for you to test your capabilities, to achieve a sense of satisfaction and to feel gratitude.

We have received Water Services Department’s letter on 13 November 2018 granting approval for us to use Tai Tam Reservoir Roads for conducting the event. Also we have received Agricultural Fisheries Conservation Department event permit on 28 November 2018 allowing us to use the Country Parks areas to conduct the event on 28 April 2019.

We received 6 sponsors confirmation of support and sponsor our event. We are very welcome existing and new sponsors contact us for discussion the partnership of work for this race. Please contact our Race Director by email :

To enhance the popularity and the competition of the Mount Butler Race, we intend to increase prizes and the number of winners for each individual division, increase teams cash awards and set out special prizes for winners who are able to finish the run within 60mins

We have scheduled the completion of poster and entry form and are aiming to commence the registration before Christmas Holidays 2018.


Green Work for Green Race – We are moving forward to support waste reduction and recycling at the community level. We will designate team of helpers to collect back the plastic water bottles from runners at the race venue. The collected plastic water bottles will be delivered to the Community Green Station ( CGS )  綠在東區 at No. 30, Oi Shun Road, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong for recycle.

Green Work for Green Race – We support the Government project on development of Hiking and have done up to 50nos HKDRC’s Green Running and Hiking Routes covering all urban areas of Hong Kong and Macau. The ten most excited and beautiful route descriptions and scenic photos as below can be viewed at our web site Green Work for Green Races. They are excited and popular :-

  • Lantau Peak – Sunrise & Sunset
  • Lai Chi Wo & Kuk Po – Heritage and Abandoned Villages
  • Lion Rock – Spirit of Hong Kong
  • Pat Sin Leng – Ultimate Challenge
  • Tai Mo Shan – 4 Seasons Feel along the route in March
  • So Lo Pun – Compass stops work there
  • Dragon’s Back – Hard to see separation of the Sky and the Sea
  • Man Yee Hong Kong Global Geopark of China – The God gave us 
  • Tap Mun ( Grass Island ) – 天崖海角 and Stairway to Heaven
  • Victoria Peak – See the BIG city like


More information of this race will be announced in our next What’s New in January 2019.


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