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What’s new on 30 December 2021 – HKDRC Moving Forward


HKDRC Plan for organizing race work

As we know that the present unfavorable situation of “ Covid-19 Pandemic “, couple with Delta and Omicron virus now attacking our health and torturing our daily living. It is hard for us to anticipate when we can resume our organizing work of races in 2022. We will observe and evaluate the situation on mid 2022 and will give announcement of our work following the Authorities/Government direction. 


HKDRC Support Move Association Ltd’s Tracks and Fields Training Program  

We support Move Association Limited ( Move ) for providing training program on Tracks and Fields running training for the Students, Youth and Children. This training program is aim to help Students and Youth to build up self-confidence, strong sense of challenge and enhance of good health. Over the past 6 months in 2021, it was encouraging that Move had conducted more than 50 classes of training for the Students, Youth and Children. We confirmed continue sponsoring Move to organize and conduct this meaningful program for 2022. ( visit for detailed training information )

Letter to Move


HKDRC New and Renewal Members 2022   

From October to December 2021, we accepted more than 120 newly joined and renewal Members for 2022. Of 120 members, 90% of them are Students. Through our support, they succeed on applying for HKAAA as registered athletes. Those who are interest to join HKDRC as a member may download HKDRC membership form from our web site and if you wish to apply HKAAA as registered athlete at the same time, you may download HKAAA membership form from HKAAA web site


HKDRC Green Hiking Routes ( Total Distance 1500km from 100 scenic places )

After 6 years hard work from 2016 – 2021 included hiking, writing and photo taking on spots, we completed a total 100 hiking places/routes covering hills, peaks, country trails, country parks, waterfalls, scenic areas and outer islands of Hong Kong. It was a huge challenge to those who changed his/her running experience to hiking. There are 10 packages of hiking places/route descriptions compiled with scenic photos etc., All of them can be viewed or download from our web site ( Green Work for Green Races )

Map of Green Hiking Routes

HKDRC Hiking Routes Places 100


HKDRC Special Activities

Priscilla, our assistant Race Director, has obtained recognition of a Trainer Certificate 空中瑜珈導師牌, she and her friends had set up a studio name “ Elves Studio “ at Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon. Priscilla, as a Trainer/Instructor of the Studio, provides practical training for each learner. 空中瑜珈對健身和保持美態非常有效。A reasonable hourly rate that you can afford. HKDRC members who want to learn and practice this exercise are advised to contact HKDRC at


2021年12月30日 最新消息:香港長跑會往前走


香港長跑會 香港長跑會 – 籌辦賽事工作計劃

因應目前新型冠狀病毒夾雜Delta and Omicron病毒在港持續傳播,這不單是侵害市民的健康,令市民日常生活大受影響。本會期望明年2022復辦賽事工作亦受影響,本會將於明年中向總會及相關政府部門諮詢疫情況是否受控,然後評估復辦賽事的可行性。


香港長跑會 支持喜動體育會有限公司推動田徑項目訓練課程

香港長跑會支持並提供協助” 喜動體育會有限公司 “發展及推廣田徑項目訓練課程。喜動體育會是一間獨特的公司,擁有12位已註冊教練,發展及提供給中,小學界的學生和青少年參與田徑項目訓練課程,從參與課程的過程中提升個人自信心,勇敢面對挑戰,強化個人體能。過去的6個月,喜動體育會已完成超過50訓練課堂,成績有目共睹。香港長跑會落實贊助” 喜動體育會 “繼續發展和推廣此有意義的田徑項目訓練課程給更多學生和青少年參與。

( 有興趣參加田徑項目訓練課程,詳情可瀏覽網頁 )

Letter to Move


香港長跑會 2022年度新會員

自2021年10月至12月,本會已接受超過120位新會員及續會會員,當中90%為學生和青少年。本會同時協助他們成功申請成為香港業餘田徑總會成為註冊運動員。凡有興趣參加香港長跑會成為會員,並同時申請成為香港業餘田徑總會成為註冊運動員,可自本會網頁 下載申請表格。


香港長跑會 綠色行山路線 ( 全長1500公里,由100個景點組成 )

本會使用6年時間( 2016-2021 ),完成差不多是港版1500公里行山長征計劃,6年的工作走遍港,九,新界及離島100個景點包括高山,郊遊徑,郊野公園,瀑布,水塘,海濱長廊,水壩,寺廟/古蹟等。而更重要的工作是,編寫行山短述,實地拍照,上網搜集資料,當然箇中樂趣是欣賞風景。無論如何,由喜愛跑步轉為行山所接受的挑戰更大 ( 行山需要有耐性,能夠適應地形和天氣,負重步行3-5小時不等 )。本會已完成設計10組,每組有10條不同的路線說明,風景相片。

全部可自本會網頁下載 Green Work for Green Races

Map of Green Hiking Routes

HKDRC Hiking Routes Places 100


香港長跑會 特別活動

Priscilla, 本會助理賽事總監,取得空中瑜珈導師牌,成為合資格空中瑜珈導師。Priscilla,和朋友together 九龍 - 大角咀創辦一間空中瑜珈練習室,Priscilla, 練習室導師將提供練習示範給學員,空中瑜珈對健身和保持美態非常有效。練習室時鐘收費平宜。

( 香港長跑會會員有興趣參加空中瑜珈訓練課程,可電郵 )





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