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What’s New on 6 August 2023 – A Challenging Race You Never Forget HKDRC 44th Mount Butler ( Heritage ) Race – 10 December 2023

The HKDRC 44th Mount Butler ( Heritage ) Race is confirmed to be held on 10 December 2023, Approval permit from Agriculture Fisheries Conservation Department ( AFCD ) has been received, permits from other Government Departments have been applied and we hope to receive other approval permits before October.

The Mount Butler ( Heritage ) Race is one of the oldest and popular distance running race in Hong Kong. It has been held continuously since late 1970, participated runners increase from 150 to highest 1300.

The Mount Butler course route is demanding 15km cross-country race ( uphill and downhill ) which takes runners through the most scenic Tai Tam Country Park, Tai Tam Reservoir and viewing the Victoria Harbor over the Sir Cecil’s Ride.

The race starts at Wong Nai Chung Gap at the exit of the Public Car Park, run up Tai Tam Reservoir Road pass Parkview Apartments. Then proceed downhill, cross the reservoir, and turn left to run along the reservoir road heading up to Mount Parker Road ( Tai Fung Au ). Downhill and turn left run onto the Sir Cecil’s Ride heading to Mount Butler. Runners exiting Mount Butler will continue their run on the road, and turn left to another section of Sir Cecil’s ride and follow the trail to the finish at the Car Park. The total distance makes 15km.

Below are the details of the race :-

  • The race has been scheduled on 10 December 2023, 8:00am – 11:00am
  • Entry application and registration will start on October
  • Eight divisions are set ( 4 men, 3 women and teams of 3 runner )
  • Attractive prizes for winners will be given
  • Souvenirs and special design medal for each runner
  • Free of charge certificate
  • B-tag sensor are unused for race results counting
  • Others

[Download] HKDRC 44th Mount Butler (Heritage) 15K Race 2020 Route Map (PDF)

[Download] HKDRC 44th Mount Butler (Heritage) 15K Race 2023 Route Map (PDF)

We will provide update information of this race every two weeks.


2023年8月6日 – 最新消息:不能忘記的挑戰賽事 香港長跑會第44屆畢拿山( 古蹟 ) 越野賽 – 2023年12月10日

已取得漁護署批准證,香港長跑會第44屆畢拿山( 古蹟 ) 越野賽將於2023年12月10日舉行,相關政府部門的批准證尚在審批中,估計10月前取得。.

香港長跑會第44屆畢拿山( 古蹟 ) 越野賽是香港目前歷史最悠久和受歡迎的長跑賽,畢拿越野長跑賽開始舉辦是1976年,參賽人數每年遞增,由150人至最高1300。

畢拿山越野賽賽道獨特,大部份路段是上落斜路,夾集泥路,梯級,凹凸不平山徑,極富挑戰性。畢拿山賽道橫跨3個郊野公園( 南區,東區及側魚涌 ) 沿途風景秀麗,空氣清新,可飽覽維港景色,踏進大潭水塘,滿佈古蹟。

畢拿山越野賽賽道起點,由黃泥涌大潭水塘道公眾停車場出口上傾斜,經過陽明山莊,越過大潭水塘轉左,沿水塘道上山至柏架山道入金督馳馬徑往畢拿山道出口,再從畢拿山道末段轉入另一段金督馳馬徑跑至盡頭為終點。( 2個水站分別設於柏架山道大風坳及金督馳馬徑畢拿山道出口 )


  • 賽事將於2023年12月10日,早上8時至11時
  • 參賽者報名及登記將於10月份開始
  • 報名組別,男子 – 4,女子 – 3,隊際 – 男/女 – 2
  • 優勝者可獲名貴獎品
  • 每位參賽者可得紀念品及紀念獎牌
  • 免費成績證書
  • 採用晶片紀錄賽事成績
  • 其他

[Download] HKDRC 44th Mount Butler (Heritage) 15K Race 2020 Route Map (PDF)

[Download] HKDRC 44th Mount Butler (Heritage) 15K Race 2023 Route Map (PDF)

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