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Race Information

HKDRC x SEAM 41st Mount Butler (Heritage) Race 2017
Sunday, 9 April 2017
15 km Cross-Country Run

The HKDRC x SEAM 41st Mount Butler ( Heritage ) 15K Race 2017 is an excited and popular race that you shouldn’t miss. 2017 年香港長跑會 x SEAM 41st 畢拿山古蹟越野賽是刺激及受歡迎的賽事 – 你/妳都不應錯過。

The HKDRC x SEAM 41st Mount Butler ( Heritage ) 15K Race 2017 is an important annual event to running athletes in Hong Kong. The Mount Butler Race stands for its history ( 1976 – 2017 ), it owns a unique course mixed with hills, trails, roads and steps and the distance is long enough and challenging which no other races can compare. The Mount Butler Race provides 70% uphill and downhill course distance for you to test your capability and to achieve a sense of satisfaction. Completing the Mount Butler Race will make you feel gratitude.  The time limit for finish the run is 3hours.

2017年香港長跑會 x REARM 第40屆畢拿山古蹟越野賽對本地運動員是重要的賽事。畢拿山古蹟越野賽經歷39年,是目前香港最有歷史價值和受歡迎的長跑賽。畢拿山越野賽賽道獨特,70% 路段是上,落斜路,山徑,石級,泥路,極富挑戰性。是沒有別的賽事賽道可以比較。畢拿山賽道全長15公里,是磨練跑步的操藝理想場地,完成賽程足以考驗你/妳的體能和令你/妳有滿足感。賽程限於3小時內完成。

The HKDRC x SEAM 41st Mount Butler (Heritage) 15K Race 2017 is open to accept entry applications. The applications can be made either :- 2017年香港長跑會 x SEAM 41st 畢拿山古蹟越野賽 現已公開接受報名。申請報名參賽可循下列途徑:

  1. By online registration through  ( direct complete/submit form )
  2. By email : ( get from complete and mail form )
  3. By post : HKDRC G.P.O. Box 10368, Hong Kong ( as above )

Please complete either online entry form with personal information and payment ( through ATM or mail payment cheque ). Submit online or mail to us for registration.

一.網上報名 - ( 直接網上報名 )

二.電郵報名 - ( 於網頁www.hkdrc.org下載報名表,填寫及電郵 )

三.郵寄報名 – 香港長跑會 郵政信箱 10368 號 ( 同上,郵寄 )


The online registration and mail registration had been commenced on 4 January 2017

The closing date of entry applications is set on 31 March 2017
截止報名日期 :2017年3月31日

The Race Course

The course is a demanding 15km cross-country race which takes runners through the most scenic Tai Tam Country Park. It starts at the Urban Council Carpark on Tai Tam Reservoir Road. The runners exit the Carpark and run up Tai Tam Reservoir Road, pass Parkview Apartments. Then proceed downhill, cross the reservoir, and turn left along the trail, run uphill to Mount Parker Road. Downhill and turn left onto Sir Cecil's Ride heading to Mount Butler. The runners exit Mount Butler continue run on the road, and turn left to another section of Sir Cecil's Ride and follow the trail to finish at the Carpark.

起 點 為 黃 泥 涌 峽 大 潭 水 塘 道 公 眾 停 車 場 上 斜 經 陽 明 山 莊, 下 斜 越 過 水 塘 轉 左 , 沿 水 塘 路 上 斜 至 架 山 道 入 金 督 馳 馬 徑 往 畢 拿 山 出 口, 再 從 畢 拿 山 道 下 斜 轉 入 另 一 段 金 督 馳 馬 徑 返 回 停 車 場 為 終 點。全 程 15 公 里。

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